Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm nearsighted....have been since I was in grade school, so sometimes when not wearing glasses, I see things, but not clearly.  Maybe that is a good thing, but at other times my imagination fills in where I can't see clearly. 

Such was the case recently when we stayed in a hotel.  It seemed to be an older building which had been remodeled.  The walkways outside the room had a definite tilt to them, but room interiors were nice, with new furnishing and fresh paint.  The bathroom counters were granite with matching granite forming the walls of the shower.

This is where the nearsightedness comes in since the shower is one place I remove my glasses.  The granite was really quite uniform which to my eyes appeared fairly bland and plain...until I turned around and faced the end wall of the shower surround.  That is when I noticed 5 black spots on the granite like these in the picture below.

My eyes said black spots.  My mind screamed "SPIDERS!"  That got my heart rate up a bit!  

Fortunately a closer look confirmed there were just 5 mysterious black spots in the otherwise uniform granite.  Whew!

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