Thursday, September 26, 2013

From Summer to Fall

In our trip through the yearly cycle, suddenly Fall has appeared again. It seems that just a few days ago it was 90ºF, but yesterday, we took a quick lurch into Fall. The leaves on the trees are still green for the most part.  The animals at the farm probably enjoyed the rainfall after a hot, dry summer. Before we know it, we'll be celebrating the Harvest Festival here on the farm.

I wonder if the pigs know that the approach of Winter bodes ill for them?

 The hay is mostly gathered in now.
 I wonder what the clouds are hiding there on the mountains?

 School kids are back to help us make apple cider.

 There is what was hiding behind the clouds!  Above the red scrub oak on the mountainside....termination dust!  (Folks here don't know it is called termination dust so for all you cheechakos, that is snow up there!)

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