Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrating Boy Scouts

Today we visited an exhibition celebrating 100 years of Boy Scouts in our area of the world. The exhibit was somewhat interactive in that there were knots to be tied, bugle calls to identify and various other activities.

Among the displays were these two idea for displaying scouting memorabilia...patches, pins, etc.  The first displays everything in sort of a shadowbox way.  The second has the memorabilia placed in/on a quilt.  If I had seen these ideas years ago, it would have been fun to make such a display.  One of the facts I learned today is that our family has a rare scouter, in that he is one of only 4% of scouts who attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

We learned that the current scout law has changed from the original.

Numerous original paintings on display depicted various scout activities and values by several different artists.

The majority of the paintings were done by Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell also did much of the art for Boys' Life magazine, so many old magazines featuring his work were also on display.  I remember liking to read my brother's copy of the magazine when it arrived.

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