Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving lasted 2 1/2 days at our house....for which we were very thankful.  Some folks sat patiently at the table waiting for the feast...although one was busily signing 'more' before he even got any food!  Some folks had to get a close up preview of the meal to come.

 In the background on the right, under the window is a fully loaded pie table to go with the rest of the feast...pumpkin, key lime, eggnog, cherry, chocolate, banana cream, rhubarb and pecan.   It is amazing how much damage 14 people can do to a turkey in a single meal!

In addition to feasting, during the weekend we made Christmas ornaments, watched some movies, made candy canes, sang Christmas carols, prepared toys to be donated to a local charity and played at the local park. 

Spending time with family is the very best part of the holiday.

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