Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

At Christmas,  we trade getting gifts for a family.  This year one of our daughters and her family had our names.  When we opened the box on Christmas morning, we found 6 smaller boxes and envelopes inside along with a letter explaining that we should open box #1 first and then do what it said before opening the next box. Pictorial evidence of compliance was to be posted where they could see it.

The first directions from Liliana were to find a moose...but not in our house.  I guess she knew we had several moose items easily at hand and just wanted to make it harder for us!  There are wild moose around our area but I haven't actually seen one for 4-5 years now but I thought I knew where to find a moose that would work, though it was not readily available on Christmas Day.  We went to the sporting good section of a local store to see if they had a target with a moose picture on it, but they only had zombies.  Fortunately as we were leaving we found this cute moose.

Lincoln wanted us to find a race car.  We managed to find that, also.  I really wanted to find an Indy type race car since that is what I grew up with, but we decided this one would work just as well.

Emmaline came up with quite a challenge.  At first I thought it said to wok a dog.  I think we had a cookbook like that once.  No, we were to walk a dog.  We don't have a dog.  Most of our neighbors don't have dogs.  We couldn't just walk up to some stranger walking a dog and grab the leash!  They would think we were dognappers.  Then we remembered that long ago, the woodworker was the high school yoyo champion!  Sure enough, he still remembered how to do the yoyo trick called walk the dog!  

Imogene thought we needed to feed a horse.  Again...we have no horse.  Fortunately we knew where there were some horses that were friendly where we volunteer in the summer.  It meant we had to sort of trespass a bit since they are closed right now, but we managed it.

Coralie wanted us to swing at the park.  Hm.....our park HAS no swings!  Hopefully we found a suitable alternative!

The very last box had the instructions to go out to dinner and included a gift card to HuHot  Mongolian Grill, where it seems possible to get food that fits any diet.  It took a while to figure out the best day to treat ourselves with dinner but we finally decided we'd just kill two birds with one stone and go on my birthday, which we did.  Don't judge the quality of the food by the facial expressions.  Pictures taken while eating never turn out well!  It was delicious!



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