Friday, April 11, 2014

Jicama Bowl

by The Woodworker

Maybe it would be a little different to make some other kind of exotic bowl, I thought. I had been noticing two jicamas sitting on the counter top waiting to be used. We got them at a Bountiful Basket delivery some time ago and just haven't found a use for them.  We had them before but never really cared for them.  Aha! Why not see if I can put them on my lathe and make them into a bowl?
It required a little adaption to my lathe chuck to make it happen. I put some nails into a piece of wood and inserted it into the chuck, then shoved the jicama onto the nails. It seemed to hold pretty well but I butted the tail stock against it just to add a little stability.  I turned on the lathe and carefully made sure it was on the slowest speed setting. It seems to work best at about 300 RPM.
Taking my trusty mini lathe tools I carefully started in. They were sharp and with the lathe turning slowly it worked perfectly. After completing the task I took the completed bown into the kitchen and showed Mrs. Woodworker.  She was impressed. I could tell by the neat way she smiled and rolled her eyes.
Unlike wood products the waste on this one is edible.

How is that for a fine homemaker project by a backwoods Alaska Homesteader who never even knew what fruit was?  I'm going to try other fruits and vegetables. Blueberries should be interesting, however I don't expect much from bananas.
See. Some of us guys can be creative homemaker types too.

1. Jicama

2. Chuck adapter for turning Jicama

3. Jicama attached and modified tail stock to hold it in place

4. Starting to turn.

5. Hollowing out the inside of the bowl.

6. Completed bowl right off the lathe. Eating the Jicama guts was not too bad.

7. Project completed. How would some of these work as fruit bowls for a fancy party?

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