Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baby Rattle

by the Woodworker

A friend of ours is being presented with a baby shower for her first child due in the very near future. As showers are a ladies only affair I decided to craft a souvenir baby rattle for her and have Mrs. Woodworker take it with her to the event. She will also add a gift of her own.
1. Somewhere in this pile of wood lies a baby rattle.

2. Here it is. A piece of West Virginia cherry. It been cut to length and properly chucked up in the lathe. Rounding is nearly complete.

3. Rounding complete and the top cut off. Note the shoulder on the top so it can be reattached later.

4. Hollowing out the rattle.

 5. Turning down the top to make it fit the hollowed out bottom.

6. The rattling will be provided by old screws.

7. Screws put inside and the top installed. Starting the rattle shape.

8. Finish sanding and decorative band added. One band is over point of contact between the top and the bottom. Unless you know where to look it appears to be one piece.

9. Good old Howard's Butcher Block treatment is the finish. 


10. A turning project can create a huge amount of shaving.

11. Project complete.

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