Saturday, August 22, 2015

50th Reunion - Wasilla High School 1965-2015

There's nothing like a reunion to bring back old memories. On August 15 I had the honor to attend the 50th reunion of the Wasilla High School class of 1965. There were 23 graduates,  the largest number of graduates up to that time.
Sadly only six from the class attended. Four are deceased and the rest just couldn't or chose not to come. However, there were four of us who attended all 12 years; 1953-65. We were all there and that made it worth while.
We spent Saturday afternoon remembering old times and catching up on what happened over the last 50 years. The four who have passed away were especially remembered. Others from the 60's classes also were our guests as well as Mrs. Ede, in her 80's, one of our favorite teachers.
 Frieda lived in town, although Wasilla had a population of only about 100 then. Susanna lived near Pittman on a homestead. Judith lived both in town and on a nearby homestead. I lived on a homestead on what is now Fairview Loop Road.
We took pictures of us as we are now and compared them to 50 years ago. In some ways they were quite different and in others we were the same. It seemed as if we were brothers and sisters rather than lifetime friends. Old friends are the best friends.

 Frieda Hulke, Susanna Katkus,
Judith Bergman, Roger Lincoln

 Judith Bergman, Frieda Hulke, Susanna Katkus
Roger Lincoln

Wasilla High School senior class - 1965

Shirley Neal
Daniel Adcock
Mary Ann Riley
Barbara Kelton
David Linnebur
Michael Knabe
Michael Bywater
Ricki Platt
Eugene Houston
April Thompson
James Barlow
Judith Bergman
Donna Harvey
Burton Kohler
Susanna Katkus
Roger Lincoln
Renee Huber
David Bryant
George Harbeson
Dwayne Fowler
Frieda Hulke
Dan Karnofsky
Vincent Rhea
Kay Yates
Jack Merchant

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