Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Craft Weekend 2016

Quite a few years ago the daughters in our family decided to have a little get-together over the long Labor Day weekend to work on crafts and visit one another.  It is a tradition that has now taken hold and continued.  Over the years, 'crafts' have been worked on including painting a room, making a quilt out of t-shirts, making nativity sets for everyone and many other things.  For various reasons, the annual weekend was eventually changed to Memorial Day weekend.  One of those reasons was probably because one Labor Day Craft project chose to be completed on Labor Day of 2004.

We take turns hosting the gathering.  This year we met in northern Utah.  No spouses or children were present.  It was just us girls.  This year, 'us girls' included me, 4 daughters, a sister-in-law,  a mother and a mother-in-law.  Although the boys in the family feel certain no craft ever is completed, that just shows how much they really know.  Our chosen craft this year was completing a quilt for a family member who is leaving home next school year to attend college.  Hopefully she will feel the love sewed into every stitch of that quilt as she reads the messages written on the back side of it.

Of course, all that crafting requires sustenance, so a few trips to the store were necessary.

We celebrated by treating our poor feet to a lovely pedicure.  Kristin is clearly ticklish!

We decorated graves and even found a related family we hadn't ever met while visiting the cemetery.

That was followed by dinner at Maddox, a local destination restaurant.

On Sunday we attended church together.

Monday meant the end of the mini vacation and back to the realities of everyday life.

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