Monday, December 19, 2011

Enough Already

OK...things have gotten just a bit out of hand the last few weeks. It is time for this to STOP! NOW!

You remember this :

And then this :

Now we add this:

Our son, who lives in southern California reported via facebook a few days ago that he and a bunch of other folks were locked into a conference room, waiting to be rescued and escorted out of the building where he was working due to a workplace shooting. He doesn't even actually work for the company where the shooting took place, but was there doing some sort of work for his actual employer. We were much relieved when he was finally out of the building. Later, one of our daughters found this picture on a website for the LA Times, I believe. That is him, right there in the blue and white shirt. His car and those of everyone else in the building were impounded overnight to be checked for signs of tampering, but he was able to return to get it the next day. His backpack and other possessions are still locked in the building though until police have a chance to process the entire crime scene.

Next up:

A daughter reports that as they were driving home after an expedition to view the Christmas lights, a wheel came off a pickup truck and flew into their car, probably totaling it. The accident managed to close a 5 lane road which I'm sure tied traffic up but good. Thankfully, other than some mental trauma, they are all ok. Probably inconvenient at any time, but certainly right in the middle of the holidays is not a great time to be dealing with police reports, insurance companies and coming up with some new transportation and car seats, while folks at those agencies are busy elsewhere with office Christmas parties and such...not to mention that the insurance companies are still swamped with claims from the recent windstorm. Have to figure out if the damage is enough to total the car or not...and the police officer neglected to turn in his report and now has the day off work, so that will be going nowhere today.

Enough already!

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Royce said...

Cry uncle! You've had more than you're share.