Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Drama Continues

Really...things are looking up. Daughter, after much effort, managed to get a police report on her accident, so that they are now in a nice rental car until a decision can be made on whether or not her car will be totaled. This was after the nice police officer giving them the wrong report and then being off work so the real report could not be gotten, stopping all insurance help. Eventually they were given an incomplete police report and eventually the opportunity to PAY for a new police report! All is well now though.

In the meantime, the insurance adjuster came to us on Tuesday and determined that our car did indeed need to be repaired. He issued us a check on the spot and told us to go get it fixed. We took it into the shop, thinking they could order the parts and then actually fix the car after Christmas as we have Christmas plans involving the car. To our surprise they told us they could have the part by the next morning and have the car all fixed by Thursday afternoon. We made it clear that we'd rather wait until next week if there was a chance it wouldn't be done in that time frame.

This afternoon they called. Our car looks beautiful! They just needed to run it down to the dealer to have the car computer reset. The reset worked....except for one little detail. One of the airbag sensors didn't work, rendering the car unusable until the reason for the sensor failure is found. It could be a result of the accident, or it could be something that happened when they had to unplug all the wires in order to fix the car. Happily, the company handling the repairs shares an office with Hertz. Thus, we will be driving a Toyota Rav4 until next week, when the car repairman comes back from his Christmas holiday.

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