Monday, January 2, 2012

The Drama Finally Ends

Just as an update to the previous post the 90 foot tall tree has now been removed from my mother's yard. In the spring, we'll redo the fabric on her garden area and rake all the twigs off her yard. The fence in back of her yard has already been replaced, happily by the sort of fence that never needs to be painted, so perhaps that was a blessing in disguise. The side fence is not yet replaced, but hopefully that will happen soon.

The little hole in our bumper is now all new looking. It only took a week longer than anticipated, but they gave us a Toyota Rav4 to drive during that extra week, so we were not really inconvenienced.

Daughter's car was declared to be totaled, much to her sadness, but they gave her a bit larger check for it than she thought she'd be getting, so they were able to purchase a used Honda Odyssey which really is a much better size car for her family.

I'm sure son will try diligently to stay out of the way of crazy shooters and probably prefers NOT to be pictured in the newspaper in such a way ever again.

As a family, I think we are ready to keep a low profile for a time.

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Linda said...

Low profile is good.