Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A job turns into a project

Our kitchen needs to be repainted. It has been quite a while, and there are lots of little dings in the walls, not to mention splatters on the walls are next to impossible to clean because of the type of paint that was originally used on the walls. It has been driving me crazy. The trouble is, due to other changes needed in the kitchen, some other work needs to be done first. Hence, the job turning into a project. Through a series of mishaps of one kind and another, the counter tops are not in the best of shape, so if we are going to change the counter top, we should do that before we paint, right?

This is what we started out with.

We have something else in mind to re-purpose the large counter top piece in the foreground of that last picture.

Since the new counter tops are to be installed in 2 days, and being the 'thrifty' people we are, we decided to tackle the demolition today so as not to have to pay for the counter installers to do it. We were not sure how long it would take, so wanted to give ourselves plenty of time. It actually went better than we thought it might.

I guess that is just about enough work for one day. Tomorrow will be the time to clean behind the stove and remove the faucet and disposal from the sink so it can be connected to the new sink.

In our free time, we have had another project in mind. We took the large piece of counter top to the basement where Roger has his 'office'. Of course that meant we first needed to clean out the office the other day. Today the office has become the 'carving studio' so Roger has a warmer place to work than the garage for when he wants to sit and carve. We're looking forward to seeing it all set up and in operation!

Oh...did I mention that the new carving studio is also the furnace room?

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Kathleen said...

Looking good! Plus for the next day or so, you have double access to your cabinets. Need a spoon? No need to open a drawer, just reach in!