Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Project Continues

This morning a truck backed into our driveway.

The 2 fellows in the truck came into the house, looked around and deposited their tools. Lots of tools.

Even their radio looked like a tool!

Once they got the important stuff taken care of and the radio tuned to their favorite station, they realized they had to leave. They had forgotten to bring the sink!

When they returned they went right to work, bringing in the new countertop. First they brought in the little pieces. After the little pieces, they attached a a metal bar to the sink counter and brought it in. Last, they brought out the biggest piece and set it on a set of wheels and brought it in. The counters were starting to look pretty good!

It was necessary to make a seam in one area of the counter. They lined everything up very carefully and then mixed epoxy with pigment to match the counters and filled in the area where the counters joined. After it was dry, they buffed it all up nicely. Special holders kept everything in place until it was dry.

Next they scraped the putty off the wall where the old backsplash had been attached. Just think, maybe back when this house was built, this spider was entombed there!

With the counter in and the putty gone, they next made the template for the new backsplash. The template is made of thin strips of wood which are glued together to show the size the new backsplash will be. The strips are then taken to the shop and used to make the new backsplash the correct size.

After they left, the next problem was to reattach the water, drain, dishwasher, etc. It took 5 trips to various home improvement and hardware stores, but we emerged victorious. The dishwasher is running and nothing is leaking!

Here is the result from today's work:

Next week they will return to install the backsplash.