Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The end of the project.....for now.

This afternoon at 1:30 the counter guys were supposed to come and bring the rest of the job, but at 8 this morning they called to say the job scheduled before ours was not ready for them. They wanted to come early! It sounded good to me, so shortly after 9 AM they were here to finish the project by installing the backsplash.

There were a few tiny fitting glitches, but some quick work with a saw soon took care of that. Once they had the pieces fit into place, they pulled them out again and put the glue on.

All of the electrical sockets and such had to have longer screws for the cover plates to account for the extra distance caused by the full backsplash.

Of course, it would not be a true project if you did not forget something, right? They forgot to bring along the 4 inch backsplash for the other side of the kitchen, so went back and got it after the rest of the job was finished and installed it on their way to their next job.

Even the window sill got a makeover.

I think we are ready for a rest now until the weather is nicer. Then we can think about painting.

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