Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to rearrange a few things

Our family has changed during the time since we moved into this house. There were more of us. At that time the laundry room looked huge to me. It was so big that it became not only the laundry room, but also the place for the freezer, and my sewing room. Lately it has seemed like I can hardly do the laundry between the sewing stuff and freezer things. It was hard to clean the room because I couldn't figure out where else I could put things away.

Yesterday it suddenly dawned on me. Why was I stewing about it? Thus, I spent part of yesterday and today moving the sewing room. The laundry room looks so large without all the sewing things in it. In fact, the room almost echoes.

The sewing room now occupies a corner of a guest bedroom. It almost felt good to do laundry tonight.