Saturday, February 11, 2012


We spent the last day or so visiting Amelia and her parents while working on a project. She really is about 5 months old, but since she was 4 months old or so, she has been quite wary of strangers. She is very much a mama's girl, so when we got there and said hello to her, her lower lip began to quiver and soon she was screaming.

By the next day, she decided we were on her list of approved people, and treated us accordingly!

I think we tired her out with all the playing though...

On our way out of town, we decided to go out and get some dinner. Maybe we weren't thinking clearly when we chose a place to eat. First we went to one place, but it was so full of people we decided not to stay and wait. Just outside the door a handicapped young man saw Amelia and started telling us in a very loud voice how much he like babies, etc. He grabbed her feet while talking to her....and she let him know she was displeased....loudly!

When we finally found a place to eat, it was one of those type of Japanese restaurants where you sit around a grill and watch the chef cook your food. She was fine with that...looking around at everything that was going on. The fish tank nearby had brightly colored fish that she enjoyed watching. All was well......until the chef squirted the grill with oil...and lit it...causing a sudden flash of fire. That was it. She had had it. It took some time for her mother to calm her down again. I think maybe such eating establishments shall be off limits for a while.

In any case, we enjoyed our visit with her.


Jana said...

Sure, sure, now it is "Amelia... And also her parents." ;) When the cook squirted cold water on everyone after the fire, it was really just adding insult to injury.

Kathleen said...

Maybe I'm crazy, but in these pictures she is looking suspiciously like Aubrey. What's that about.

maybe it is just general cuteness which they both possess?

Jana said...

It is probably that, accompanied by the inner glow of sweetness, sunshine, rises, and rainbows.

Jana said...