Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hardware Ranch 2

Today we decided to drive up the canyon to Hardware Ranch, since some of the grandkids and their parents wanted to see the elk. Because of the relatively mild winter we have had, there were not as many elk there as there were the last time we visited. We didn't really take pictures outside this year because the wind was really howling today, so even though it was around 30F, it felt pretty cold.

We met them at the visitors center where Garrett had a chance to see how big an elk really is! We were amused that prices were divided by age for adults, spikes and calves. He decided that spikes must be like teenage elk.

When it was time to go outside to see the elk in the meadow, baby Aubrey needed to get bundled up in her hated hat, but she did pretty good with it today.

Julia had been told she would be going on a sleigh ride to see the elk. As it turns out, it was not quite what she imagined. She was sure the sleigh would be pulled by reindeer...and flying reindeer at that! When it actually came time to go though, she seemed contented to ride behind some lovely horses. She was even willing to stand by them to get her picture taken....if her dad was nearby. Can you tell she was cold?

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