Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy Dear (Little Child)

Just a random memory today about my two youngest siblings, both of whom turned a year older earlier this month.

My sister Eileen was 6 years old at the time. At the end of her Kindergarten school year, her school was putting on a program for the parents. One of the songs to be performed was called "Daddy Dear", though they substituted and called it "Granddaddy Dear". It is a sweet song of a sort of conversation between a young child and her grandfather.

You can hear a professional version of the song here.


Daddy dear, tell me, please
Is the world really round
Tell me where is the
Bluebird of happiness bound

Tell me why is the sky
Up above so blue
And when you were a child
Did your daddy tell you

What becomes of the sun
When it falls in the sea
And who lights it again
Bright as bright can be

Tell me why can't I fly
Like a bird through the skies
Tell me why, daddy dear
Are there tears in your eyes


Little one, little one
Yes, the world's really round
And the bluebird you search for
Will surely be found
And the sky up above
Is so blue and clear
So that you see the bluebird
If it should come near

And the sun doesn't fall
When it slips out of sight
All it does is make way
For the moon's pretty light

And if children could fly
There'd be no need for birds
And I cry, little one
Cause I'm touched by your words


Don't be sad, daddy dear
If it's true the world's round
I will search round the world
Til the bluebird is found


Little one, there is no need
To wander too far
For what you really seek
Is right here where you are


Show me where, daddy dear
And here's what I'll do
I will take the dear bluebird
And give it to you


Dear, the bluebird's the love
In your heart, pure and true
And I found it the day
Heaven blessed me with you

An older boy in the school was chosen to sing the part of the grandfather, and Eileen was to sing the part of the little child. Mom helped her learn her part by playing a tape recording on our reel to reel recorder of the song over and over and having her sing along until she knew it perfectly. She did MANY hours of practice. By the time she knew her part, I think the entire family could have sung right along. As I recall, she did a great job in the program with no apparent stage fright and the audience was properly touched to hear her.

A few months after this we had a chance to go on a little vacation. Dad needed to go to some sort of convention regarding his work. It was to be held at Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, a resort town on the border of northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I was allowed to invite my friend Debra to come with us. Our car at that time was a station wagon with 3 seats. This really was before the time when seat belts and car seats were required....or even known about. Behind the 3rd seat of the car was a space maybe 2 feet wide, meant for carrying extra cargo, but I think our cargo must have been fastened into the luggage carrier on top of our car. In the cargo space in the car, Mom put soft quilts and blankets to make a comfy place for Duane to play and sleep as we traveled. I would guess he was about 17 months old at the time...certainly before he could talk! He enjoyed his little place in the car and napped there quite happily. Debra and I generally sat in the 3rd seat as we were older and more able to entertain ourselves, so we also had the responsibility of caring for the baby and entertaining him.

We had great fun visiting with each other there in the back seat. Duane was napping one day when we realized someone was singing that "Granddaddy Dear" song...or rather humming it...over and over and over again. We finally got tired of it and told Eileen to quit singing that, but she insisted that she had not been singing....and the song went on. At last we realized that the song was coming from behind words...but hummed right in tune. It was Duane, of course. Even the baby had learned Eileen's song! This is probably when we first realized he had musical talents. He was right on pitch.

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