Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gunther Family Museum

Can you imagine having your very own family museum in your back yard?  Tonight, on the occasion of the 95th birthday of the founder of the museum, there was a special open house at the museum.  I first met the Gunther family back in 1971.  Acquaintances were renewed years later when they took my children hunting for trilobytes.  The Gunthers are world class finders and collectors of trilobytes and also have many other fossils in their collections.

Some of the Gunther kids got together and  built this wonderful little museum in their backyard as a  gift for their father's birthday.  It is amazing that so many of these things could be in a private collection like this. They told us the things in their museum are not the best pieces.  Those have all gone to colleges, universities and other similar institutions.

The things that are on display are only a small part of the collections.  Shelves full of neatly labeled boxes line several aisles, and the cabinets hold drawers full of even more specimens.

 It is an amazing family museum and collection.

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