Thursday, April 26, 2012

Herb Garden Report

At last the herb garden is underway now that the weather has improved.  It will be a while before it is finished though.

I started out by collecting empty gallon milk jugs which I cut almost all the way through, made drainage holes and then filled the bottoms with soil to make little miniature greenhouses.  That is where I planted my herb seeds.  Ultimately I had about 14 containers.  I kept them in this large plastic tray.  When we were away from home for nearly a week, I was able to fill the tray with about an inch of water which served to keep the baby plants watered the whole time we were gone.

Soon the little seeds started to sprout and quickly because little plants.

Keeping the jugs in the tray made it is easy to bring the containers
inside when the weather became too cold.  Now that the weather
has become warmer, I have started to transplant the plants into
planters outside.

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