Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We've been working hard on various projects, so this afternoon we took some time to have a little fun and go visit the local dinosaurs. The woodworker is a boy at heart when it comes to dinosaurs.

T-Rex is still his favorite.

I'd run, too, if I were this little fellow....

'cause look who is right behind him!

We decided to watch the 3D movie they had playing. Amelia wasn't too impressed at the fireball and loud noise at the beginning, but after that she was happy. Maybe it was reminiscent of her experience with the fireball and cold water at the Japanese restaurant a while back. She seemed fascinated by the black lights in the hallway leading into the theater.

Here is a fossil of one of the critters from the movie.

The exhibits were well done and showed plant and animal life from earth, sea and sky.

Some of the dinosaurs seemed to be wearing silly grins.

Many of the critters were set in sort of natural dioramas to add a bit of reality to the situation. The vegetation in the settings was also true to the period.

Have to watch out or a dinosaur may seem ready to leap down on an unsuspecting visitor.

The supersaurus and his friend here, were almost too large to fit into the room, and certainly too large to fit completely into the picture. You can get an idea of their size if you notice a person standing there looking at a smaller exhibit.

One fun thing about this museum is that they have lots of interactive, fun things for kids to do.

This one involves making dams and floods, splashing in water and playing with sand.

There was even a fun room where kids could dig for fossils.

The mammoth is under attack by a band of wily humans!

This little boy is pretty fearless looking into the mouth of the prehistoric shark!

I would recommend this place for anyone who enjoys dinosaurs!

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