Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Animal Days - What a difference a day makes.

I'm pretty sure at least some of those 7200 people who came to Baby Animal Days yesterday considered the weather report as it was no surprise that the weather today was less than ideal. For those who came today, they had a huge advantage in seeing the sites as fewer people meant lines were shorter and there was more room for baby animal viewing. There were a few more unique animals than the usual farm animals.

Most popular of all were the baby bears. These bears were born in January, so they are about 3 months old. These little guys have been raised in a home...but are nonetheless bears. The lady caring for them today was asked if she wears leather under her clothing to protect her from scratches and bites. She says she doesn't wear leather, but does always wear long sleeves when appearing with the bears in public to hide all the scars she has from scratching and biting from her young charges. Watching the bears was about like watching a room full of two-year-olds at play.

It was hard to leave the entertaining bears but the baby turtles were waiting nearby.

The children loved snuggling up with the baby bunnies.

Even the buffalo were there today.

Many of the horses seemed to be doing a lot of patiently waiting around.

But some were busy working. These horses have been plowing one of the fields.

I'm sure with so many horses around, a blacksmith shop was essential.

When I peeked behind one of the barns there was a most surprising animal. It had a head, but no legs. People who tried to ride it generally were soon bucked right off.

Another fun spite of the weather!

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Hatch said...

It was fun seeing youtoday. After seeing the pictures from yesterday , I am grateful we came today!