Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another grandchild visit

Just when it seemed all the grandchildren were done visiting, another came to see us this week.  If you have been counting, that means 17 out of 18 grandchildren have come to stay this summer.  If we are truly lucky, perhaps number 18 will still show up to visit before the year is out.

She really timed her visit well as the peaches on one of our trees were ready to be picked.  She could hardly wait to capture one of those balls on the grass, and when she tried a taste of that ball, she found that it was totally delicious inside.  She had juice all over her face and running down her elbows. Actually we all have been gorging ourselves on fresh peaches.

Today was her day to play pioneer baby at the living history farm, so we had to find her an appropriate dress and of course, a bonnet.  She had a great time looking around at all the new things to see.  I think her favorite was when the pea family showed up...peacock, peahen and peachick.

Naturally,  a morning of playing outdoors, makes some folks tired. Unfortunately sometimes it is the adults rather than the babies who wear out soonest.

 In addition to the Pea family, we also watched an ibis visit for a while before it flew away.  The local ducks kept busy paddling around in their pond.

 The pretty little flowers near the duck pond were blooming away in spite of the hot weather.
It's hard to believe that the living history farm closes for the season in just a couple of days.

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