Tuesday, August 28, 2012

REAL Bobbin Lace

Today I spent some time volunteering at the local DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) Museum.  It was a great chance to check out the exhibits for myself.   There in the midst of one of the displays was an old lace pillow and bobbins used by a Swedish emigrant to our area.  She clearly used a finer thread than I have used thus far, but it was helpful to me to see how her pillow worked.

 I was surprised at how little padding this pillow had.  The roller makes it easy to to create longer lengths of lace.

Here you see a picture of the lacemaker herself along with some of her bobbins as well as a piece of lace that she made.

The next picture has nothing to do with the Swedish lacemaker, but it is a lovely bit of insertion lace on a blouse.

In addition to the bobbin lace exhibit, the museum had old furniture, clothing, musical instruments, tools and various other items from the pioneer era.

One visitor, upon coming to the musical exhibit, saw a picture of an old band and exclaimed, "Look!  That man on the end is my great-grandfather!"  That made my volunteer time all worthwhile.

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