Saturday, September 8, 2012


After enjoying company most of the summer it is our turn to be company so off we went to visit our neighboring state of Colorado.  Sadly, the first few days of our visit no pictures were taken, but we stayed busy with the lives of 4 lively grandchildren and got involved in a project where we made 40 pizzas and 10 pans of shepherd pie for the freezer.  It was easier than I thought it might be as we were able to purchase a case of pizza dough balls from the local Sam's Club.  The case held 20 dough balls which we divided in half and thus made 40 pizzas.  I was surprised at how quickly it went.  

After some days there we moved down the road a couple of miles where we visited 3 more grandchildren in their new home.  Every new home requires some little fix-it things to make it just right for the new family.  Among other things, the new garage had just one electrical outlet which was being used to run outside yard lights and a pump in a little pond, leaving no place to plug in a freezer.  The woodworker, who also does a little electrical work, decided to remedy that situation with our daughter while I took care of the little ones.  The garage now has a workbench and ample electrical outlets.

While they were working, the girls and I walked to the park.

Saturday morning dawned early...whether we were ready or not.  Garrett, a new 6th grader, has joined his school cross country team.  Today was the first meet of the season in a town about 20 minutes away.  The kids had to be there at 7:15 AM which meant no sleeping in!  We were surprised at the size of the meet.  It included 100 schools and 3000 runners.  His group ran first...494  6th, 7th and 8th grade boys.  It will be a few days before times are posted, but I suspect he was in the top 25% or so.  We are very proud that he finished and worked so hard.  It was cold when the race started, but he says he warmed up very quickly.

It's a good thing the cross country meet was so early because at 11 AM it was time to attend the baptism of granddaughter Emmaline.  It was a very special day for her and we are also proud of her decision.   After the baptism, we all went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  You might think she chose that restaurant because of the delicious food, but you would be wrong.  She has many serious food allergies.  Peanut allergy is actually one that she has recently outgrown, so she wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse because they have peanuts to eat while you wait for your food!

Emmaline's mother brought along cupcakes for dessert as a celebration of her birthday earlier in the week.  They were clearly good as you can see from the satisfied smile on the face of Emmaline's cousin.

All in all we enjoyed our visit and will definitely be back!

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