Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Real American Girl

For years the American Girl doll company has been responsible for the destruction of many trees as they send out their catalog to parents and grandparents everywhere.  At long last their dreams came to fruition when a certain little girl reached an age where her parents thought she might properly appreciate such a doll.

Her heart was set on 'Kit' because that was the doll that looked most like her.  She did odd jobs to earn money to be able to afford some of Kit's cherished possessions. In some respect these dolls resemble the Barbies of earlier generations.  The dolls themselves are just the tip of the financial iceberg.  It is their clothes and accessories that fill the coffers of the company.

They took a trip to the American Girl store in Denver to get Kit.  The nearby restaurant catered to the doll clients by providing high chairs just the right size for the dolls.  In any case, Kit has now moved in for good and is part of the family.  However, I think a precedent has been set as Kit's new 'mother' has 2 younger sisters anxiously waiting to reach the age when they, too, can make a trip to the store in Denver.  They carefully read their catalogs, wishing and hoping for their day to come.

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