Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tales of Alaska and the Alaska Highway: Wasilla Schools

This is not a comprehensive look at Wasilla schools, but just the ones people in our family have attended over the years.

This first picture shows the first Wasilla School which was built in 1917.  It wasn't until the Woodworker was in 6th grade that he attended school here because the regular school building was too full.  The school has been relocated into a little historical park.

Next up is Snowshoe Elementary School where all of our children went to school.  It has been repainted.

Sadly, when we looked at the playground, the Big Toy was gone as well as the other playground equipment that used to be there.

The next pictures are of Wasilla Middle School which was smaller and called Wasilla Junior High when the older kids went there.  The little part in the middle was once the new Wasilla High School.  I bet there were as many as 10 classrooms in the 'new Wasilla High School' back in the 60s.  The wing starting at the tall, pyramid shaped roof was added MUCH later, probably in the 80s.

The last two pictures are of the newest Wasilla High School.  It has also been repainted and MANY more portables added in the last 10 years.

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