Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tales of Alaska and the Alaska Highway: Wildflowers

The wildflowers are always one of the highlights of a trip to Alaska.  Although many bloom in June, there were still some lovely ones along our way in July.

We found the bluebells in Canada along the Alaska Highway where we stopped to eat lunch.  They were a favorite of mine when we lived in Alaska.  The children loved to find them and bring them to me.  One even dug some up so I could plant them near the back door.

These butter and egg flowers seem to grow even under difficult circumstances.  They look like little snapdragons to me.

Fireweed  grows everywhere the earth has been disturbed, whether by construction or wildfire.  They start blooming at the bottom of the flower stalk.  By the time the flowers are up to the top of the stalk, you know it is almost time for winter.  Fireweed also makes tasty magenta colored jelly.  A triptych showing the various stages of fireweed flowers hangs in my livingroom so I can enjoy it still.

When we lived in Anchorage, there used to be a patch of white fireweed between Anchorage and Eagle River, but it was destroyed when they widened the highway.

Wild roses are also prolific.  They not only look pretty, they turn into rose hips which can be made into jelly.

Wild Lupines are one of my favorites.

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