Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holiday Decor

In an effort to make the holiday season less congested, the womens group I belong to decided to have a holiday get together early in the season and leave the rest of the time in the next few months open.  Each table was decorated with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years centerpieces.  I am sure some were quite original and others came via Pinterest, but it was fun to see all the different ideas.

This one is for Halloween, of course.

 This elegant table decor is meant for Christmas, but I suspect could be changed to fit other occasions.

This is a Thanksgiving design.  The pumpkins are made out of paper strips.

This is another Halloween design before the dry ice was added to the cauldron.

These cute Christmas trees were made of materials found at Dollar Tree.

A bunch of flowers and leaves in Autumn colors makes an elegant bouquet.

How clever was this, to put pumpkins on top of candlestick or goblets to make a multi-layered display?

Next up were a variety of festive Christmas displays which could probably also work for New Years.

Another Thanksgiving display using glassware you might even have in your home combined with pumpkins, seeds and Autumn leaves.

This one is definitely a New Years Display!

After the dinner, we did two quick crafts, decorating pumpkins with thumbtacks and making a little nativity scene ornament.

We also learned several ways to fold napkins for our holiday tables.

Does this mean I can relax now for several months?  Will I be judged if the napkins we use are fresh from being torn off the paper towel roll?

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