Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Birth of a Spoon

The woodworker's friend, the spoon carver, decided to demonstrate the making of two wooden spoons  using traditional hand tools recently.  He used two different types of wood; silver beech and maple.  First he had to split a piece off a log to make a spoon blank.

Here is a the wood the spoon will be made out of.

Next he decides what type of spoon he wants to make and traces a template on the wood.

The next step is to cut out the basic shape of the spoon using a coping saw.

After the basic shape is made, he places the wood on his shave horse so he can use a spoke shave to round the handle and the back of the bowl portion of the spoon.

A bent gouge is used to gouge out the interior of the spoon bowl.

Holdfasts are used to hold the spoon securely.

Next he makes a smoother finish of the handle with the spoke shave.

He uses a metal scraper to finish the interior of the spoon bowl.

And there you have it....two completed spoons.  The lighter one is maple and the darker one is the silver beech.

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