Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Cutting Board Bowl

                                                by the Woodworker

After the relative success of turning the root ball bowl I decided to try another odd bowl turning project. Having several old cutting boards that were too badly worn out to salvage I considered the idea of turning them into a bowl.
1. Four old cutting boards

2. Cutting boards after a trip through the planer.

3. Glued and clamped together for 24 hours.

4. Cutting boards being shaped by the band saw.

5. Rough rounded on the bandsaw, mounted and ready to start turning.

6. Turning in progress. The wood did not turn evenly due to several different types of wood present. I just had to work around it.

7. Bowl in progress. A few minutes later it was done and ready for sanding and finish coat.

8. For a finish coat I used Howard's butcher block finish

9. Completed bowl.

Cutting boards can usually be found at local thrift store. They run about a dollar apiece. The total cost of materials was about four dollars for this bowl. I'm no longer going to pass up junk cutting boards but rather add them to my collection until I have enough to make more bowls.

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