Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blessing Day

Today we went to visit baby Genevieve again as it was her special blessing day.  Her mother spent some time making her an outfit to wear for the occasion. After making her a little white dress, her mom spent some time putting ribbon embroidery on it...a skill she was first exposed to years ago in activity days.  She also made Genevieve some little felt shoes which she also decorated with ribbon embroidery.  Lastly she made baby a little white bonnet, fashioned from a white handkerchief with an edge crocheted by baby's great-great grandmother.

Genevieve did a wonderful job and did not cry a bit.  Her Daddy gave her a beautiful blessing while coping with the necessary crutches due to his broken leg.  He was assisted by 2 uncles and a grandpa.  Genevieve has learned to smile and enjoys looking around.  She does NOT like to be cradled like a new baby anymore.

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