Monday, July 12, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Recently Jana and I have been getting produce from Bountiful Baskets. It is a food co-op. For $15 per week, you can pick up a basket of stuff on Saturday morning. It is guaranteed to have 6 fruits and 6 vegetables, though we never know ahead of time what is going to be in there. We share a basket as there is too much stuff in there for just 2 people for a week. This was what was in the basket last time we got one. It's almost like Christmas...going out Saturday morning to see what treasures we'll get to bring home.

The last 2 baskets have had brussels sprouts in them. Last time there were extra brussels sprouts, so they said anyone who wanted more could take a handful. One lady stopped on her way past and got a big handful. Her son, behind her, said, "Nooooooooooooo!"

If I can't use all my stuff in a week, sometimes I freeze it if it is something that will freeze ok.

IMG_5323.jpg picture by nali49


Hatch said...

I loved Bountiful Baskets ,but then we started to get stuff like banana's that were so green they went bad first, mangoes, and apricots that went moldy before they were ripe and I started to wonder why I was spending the money. I hope they get better up here cause I loved it while it was good!

nali said...

So far maybe we've been lucky. We had just one green banana. We may soon stop doing it for a couple of months now that the garden is starting to produce though. The green beans they had a few weeks ago were so tender and delicious!