Thursday, July 22, 2010

pioneer rugmaking

When we work at the local living history museum, we have various projects we work on. This summer I've been spending some time with this rug loom. The rug we are working on is done with a double twist which makes it nice and thick.

It is really not as crooked as the picture makes it look but was taken at an awkward angle. We should be able to finish it pretty soon. Then it will go on the floor of a little log cabin.

The whole thing is done from rags torn into long strips...even the warp (vertical). You can see some of the warp showing in the middle where the rug is not yet finished. The loom is nothing more than a rectangular frame with pegs on top and bottom where the warp is attached. It is amazing how much fabric such a rug can require to make!

ragrug.jpg picture by nali49

It's been pretty hot volunteering there lately in full pioneer regalia...long dress, multiple petticoats, etc, so we are looking forward this coming Saturday to participating there in the huge water party they plan to have there to celebrate the state holiday.

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