Wednesday, July 7, 2010


What better place to hear rumors than a neighborhood get-together? To celebrate the 5th of July, there was a neighborhood party in the cul-de-sac at the end of the road. Several grills were set up for the cooking of whatever meat a person brought. Tables were provided for salads and desserts.

We commented on something that happened Sunday before last. We hadn't been home from church long, when we saw a tractor out on the property behind us that used to be ours. I thought he was mowing....but also thought he was doing a terrible job. The cool, wet Spring had really helped the weeds grow tall and thick. One of our neighbors complained to us that we needed to cut them down, until we told him we no longer owned that lot and hadn't for over a year.

Anyway, we went out to make sure our hose was not out in that lot at all as we didn't want it mowed, but in talking to the fellow running the tractor, he pointed out that he hadn't been hired to mow, but rather just take his bucket around the lot to pick up any large rocks, and in so doing, he mashed down the tall weeds. Since it is no longer rainy, they have stayed down.

The next day a 5th wheel trailer appeared in the lot, just a few feet away from ours. We haven't seen any people around it, but at the party, one of the neighbors said she had talked to a lady who said they are soon planning to start building on that lot. We've seen no sign of building so far, but we'll keep our eyes open.

At this point, I'd not mind someone building there I think. It has become a home for grasshoppers, who then love to come and snack on our garden.

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