Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another grandkid weekend

Daughter and son-in-law were invited to attend an out of town event this weekend. Fortunately for us, the town they were invited to is only a few miles from our house, so they came to spend the night along with their grandparent entertainment committee of 3 children.

It seems like Garrett should still just be a little person, but he is old enough that he is turning in to quite a decent chess player, according to his dad and grandpa, who both played games with him.

For his recent birthday he received a kit to make a couple of catapults, so he and the woodworker worked on those this morning. After they were completed, we decided marshmallows would be perfect to use for ammunition, but we didn't have any, so we quickly made some little pompoms from yarn. It worked great!

In the meantime, I was busy making everyone some dinner. I had an expert helper...especially when it was time to lick the beaters!

I was reminded several times that she can do things herself, because she had a birthday.

Baby sister was anxious to be included as well. She is a very discriminating eater. She prefers nothing foodlike, but tries to eat any little scrap of paper she can find. Today she found that saltines are bland and apparently taste a good deal like paper. She was somewhat shocked to find the taste of applesauce on her fingers though!

We always enjoy visits from family!

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Linda said...

Licking the beaters is the best thing ever!