Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf - by the Woodworker

Here are some pictures from my latest carving project. Of course, I am an amateur so the carving is not perfect. This is the Big Bad Wolf from the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

In the fairy tail world almost anything goes so I don't have to justify anything. The wolf has disguised himself to look like a dapper gentleman out for a walk in order to do his con job on Little Red Riding Hood. He is quite clever but a little dimwitted. He has neglected to wear shoes or gloves. His tail is sticking out the back and of course his face is unmistakeably a wolf. In a word his disguise is a bit transparent.

I started out by finding suitable fashion pictures off the internet. I blew them up to the proper size and then traced them onto the wood I am carving (bass wood).

After tracing it goes to the bandsaw for rough shaping.

After that it is mounted on my carving vise.

After several hours of carving the body is ready for addition of the head and tail.

I decided to add a walking stick made of tropical hardwood to give him a bit of class. The pictures don't show it very well but there are marks in the right places to suggest hair.

I am a terrible painter on this type of project so I contacted a friend who has agreed to help me out on correct water coloring of the character. I also have to paint Little Red Riding Hood as well.

Someday when I get the figures painted, I'll try to remember to put them on this blog.

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Kathleen said...

He looks like a classy guy. Is he just for fun, or for anything in particular?