Saturday, June 23, 2012


For family who are not in our area, just thought I'd provide a little information about what is going on south of here.  The mountain between Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs is on fire.  Many homes in the Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain 'ranches' area have been evacuated.  So far homes in City Center are okay.  It all sort of depends on which way the winds are blowing.  I did not take these pictures, but added them to show what the mountain looks like from the City Center area.  It would be pretty if it wasn't so dangerous.

This last picture is taken from the entrance to our daughter's subdivision.  Another daughter, some 15 miles from the fire reports ash falling at her place.  We could smell the smoke in the air last night clear up at our house.  This sure brought up a lot of memories of the Big Lake Fire which we experienced many years ago now.

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