Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grandkids - part 1

None of our children live close enough to visit on a regular basis, so we are excited this summer that many of them will be coming to see us!  In fact, round 1 has already begun.  These kids were 'homeless' for a week between the sale of their old home and closing on their new home in another state.  During our few days together we managed to find some time for fun.  They played on the slip 'n slide and ate Aggie ice cream.  We even took Garrett and Julia to see 'Brave'. Julia is pretty sure it is the movie about her.  After all, the heroine has 'messy, red hair'  just like Julia.  In fact, when I asked her the name of the movie, she said, "Julia".  The older two children came with us to spend a day at the historical farm where we volunteer.

I thought they might get bored, but they spent the day talking to visitors, playing pioneer games, hunting for snakes, eating pioneer food, sawing wood with a 2 man saw, hauling water, panning for gold, throwing tomahawks with the mountain men and riding ponies.  They were far too busy to get bored.

Since our yard is not fenced poor Murphy could not run free, so he required lots of walks.  Fortunately, Garrett was quite willing to help him with that.

Aubrey was not here as much as the other kids since she had to go with her mother to close on their house and other important errands, but during her time here she greatly enjoyed finding different toys and practicing her new skill of walking.  Sadly for us, she also wanted to practice her climbing skills so kept us on our toes.

We saw them off to their new home in another state on Saturday morning and hope they will be happy there!

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