Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grandchildren - part 2

The second wave of grandchildren has arrived!  There are 4 of them this time.  Of course, we took them to the farm as they wanted to ride ponies and the train.  It was a hot, hot, hot day when we were there, so by the end of the day, they were quite enthusiastic about running through the nearby sprinkler.  I am not sure pioneers had sprinklers, but if they had had them, I bet they would have done the same on a hot day.

One of the other pioneers commented that one of those dresses looked the same as a dress that came to the farm recently, but it was on a different little girl.  I keep a couple of tubs of appropriate clothing in various sizes in hopes of having things that will fit when kids come to visit.

Two of the girls figured out how to work together well enough to use the 2 man saw with the help of someone to steady the log.

When they visited with the mountain men, they got to use a real quill to write their names.  They were pretty proud of their work.

 Today we had 7 cousins in the house.  We had 2 boys and lots of princesses.

Next week there will be 4 more cousins to play with.

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