Friday, July 27, 2012

More Bobbin Lace

Slowly I've been making progress on learning a bit about bobbin lace.  As you see, I now have a plentiful supply of beautiful bobbins.  I still have a few to add spangles to, but I have enough done to work on most of the beginner projects now.  Spangles are mostly beads that are added to give some weight to the bobbins as well as keep them from rolling around on the pillow.  In the first picture you see that the bobbins all have thread wound on them and are attached to the pattern. 

 In the next picture it is easier to see the pattern because the bobbins are out of the way.  I poke a little hole in each dot to make it easier to find the right spot when I am working.  The first couple of lines are finished.
 Now the pattern is beginning to be visible.  I can take out some of the first pins I use and move them down to the area where I am working and the lace will still stay in place.

 Now the pattern is complete.  It just needs to be finished.
 Once all the threads are worked to the center you can use some of the outer threads to tie it all off.
 Here is the completed bookmark.