Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grandchildren - part 3

This week has been busy with even more grandchildren and things to do.  One of our daughters has been craving a trip to Maddox for their delicious food.  When we looked on their website, we found that kids can eat for 99¢ on Tuesdays, so that decided us on which day to head that direction. By the time others heard of our plan we had a group of 13.  With our group including a number of lively children they were wise to seat us in a private room.  Much to the delight of several of the Angelina Ballerina wannabes the wall of the room was a giant mirror.  While they waited for their dinners, they danced in front of the mirror.
The very next night four more cousins arrived with their parents.  Some of the cousins hadn't met  yet, so the last few days has been a great time of getting to know each other.  The next morning the newly arrived cousins decided to visit the AWHC.  One of their most popular activities was throwing tomahawks at some stumps and writing their names with the quill pens.  Of course they also rode the ponies and the train and visited the woodwright shop.

It was hot that day, so it felt good to go on up the canyon to spend the night at the cabin. They weren't there long before almost everyone migrated down to the creek to play and cool off.

The 'thinkers' watched from the nearby wall.

By the time we got home the next day it was sweltering hot again.  With so many kids going in and out and leaving doors open the air conditioner decided to ice up so more water play was in order.

Saturday was the long-awaited family picture day.  We had about a three hour window when everyone in the family would actually be in the same location, so we had professional family pictures taken and are looking forward to seeing them soon.  After the picture taken at a nearby botanical garden 30 of us adjourned to the nearby Golden Corral for lunch.  They took one look at our group and kindly invited us to use a private room which we enjoyed.  Everyone found something good to eat and we had plenty of space to wander around and visit with each other.

Did you know they had all you can eat cotton candy this summer?

This afternoon the kids all discovered the dress up box again. All eight kids who are here from age 2 to 15 participated, giving us a most amazing fashion show.

We have been enjoying having them all here to spend time with us.   The house will seem so quiet when they all return to their own homes!

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