Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alaska Mailbox?

After the recent mailbox disaster, we were told by the insurance company to 'simply' get an estimate and send it to them. Yeah...right! Masonry contractors do not have phones that connect to people....only voice mail. In addition, they do not return phone calls. After a futile week of trying to get someone, I called the folks who repaired Kathleen's house. While they were reluctant to get involved, as this is not their area of expertise, they did give me the names and numbers of 2 more contractors...one of whom returned my call while on his way to a job in Rock Springs, Wyoming. When I thanked him for calling me back and explained my frustration with the other contractors he mentioned that he is currently building a home and has the same problem with others in the building trades. According to him, they all complain about hard times, lack of work, etc. and none of them call back!

In the meantime, as we still wish to get mail delivery, we resorted to sort of stacking up the mailbox remains and wedging the actual box in with some bricks. With the addition of some duct tape, I think it would make a dandy Alaskan style mailbox! The mail lady has agreed to deliver to the box as it is unless it is raining until such time as it is repaired.

AlaskaMailbox.jpg picture by nali49

The insurance company has agreed to pay the estimated cost, so we'll be sending that estimate in to them today and hope someday to have a real mailbox again.

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