Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Mailbox

With our insurance check in hand, we called the brick mason to let him know we were ready for a new mailbox. He promised to be out sometime this week, probably permitting. Naturally the weather had cooled off and snow was in the forecast, so we didn't know if he would show up or not.

A bit to our surprise, when it was time for me to go to Curves, the driveway was blocked by 2 trucks, 2 brick layers and some piles of bricks. Fortunately one of them drove off, leaving the other fellow behind to do the work...and me able to get out of the driveway.

I learned several things today about laying bricks:
1. If the mortar is a bit stiff, just pour in some of your drinking water. If you run out of drinking water to pour in, just add some of your coke.
2. If you put in a row of bricks standing on end, that is a 'soldier course' or 'soldier row'.
3. If you have any trash, papers, cardboard, broken bricks, etc. left dirtying up your truck, just stuff them down inside to the side of the mailbox before putting the cap on. It's much easier than taking stuff to the dump.

IMG_5097.jpg picture by nali49

IMG_5098.jpg picture by nali49

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Fortunately they finished just before it started to snow harder. It was done in time for the mail lady to make her delivery today!

IMG_5105.jpg picture by nali49

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