Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

Today I found some slides which were given to us some years ago. Since I recently figured out how to scan slides, I can now see what is on them. So these pictures are a boy meets girl story.

A boy came home from the war and left home to attend school.

Roger1972.jpg picture by nali49

At school he met a girl....

Nancy1971.jpg picture by nali49

And soon they became a couple...

RogerandNancyNov1972.jpg picture by nali49

They had a beautiful wedding, followed by an open house at a relative's home....

weddingcake1972.jpg picture by nali49

The teenaged daughter who lived in the house celebrated by TPing her own house!

deansTPedhouseNov1972.jpg picture by nali49

Then they started their life together in their first apartment.

Firstaptinprovo1972.jpg picture by nali49

From my present perspective they look VERY young.....

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