Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sugar and spice and everything nice

The last few days we've been visiting in Colorado. Three cute little girls live there and one of them even gave up her room for us to stay in. One night when we went up to go to bed, we found this lovingly tucked in to our bed!

IMG_5106.jpg picture by nali49

A daily household task is the 'doing' of hair. Even the littlest one insists on having her turn!

emmalinehair2.jpg picture by nali49

emmalinehair5.jpg picture by nali49

lilhair3.jpg picture by nali49

lilhair2.jpg picture by nali49

idgiehair.jpg picture by nali49

idgiehair3.jpg picture by nali49

They often have a great time playing with one another. Empty boxes make great trains!

playingtrain5.jpg picture by nali49

Sometimes it is just nice to have a comforting shoulder to lean on.

idgieandgrandpa3.jpg picture by nali49


Kathleen said...

Idgie and Julia have the same hairdo!

Kristin said...

Oh that train picture is so cute!! Really precious moment..