Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Again

After 2 1/2 weeks in Colorado, we are home again. After an absence, it is always interesting to see what home looks like. When we got home, our house was lovely and clean! I think some good fairies must have come while we were gone as we left in a great hurry and hadn't time to clean out the refrigerator or anything before we left. We should go on trips like that more often perhaps!

April is such a changeable month here. When we left, leaf buds were on the lilacs, chives were just poking through the ground and daffodils had some buds on them. I thought we would miss seeing our daffodils this year. True to form, the weather while we were away was a mix of sun, rain and snow. As we drove home today, it was raining except for the summit of the canyon where it was snowing. Weather forecast said we'd get snow down to the 5000 ft. level. (Our house is about 4600 ft.) I was pleased when we turned the corner to see lots of daffodils in full bloom

IMG_5185.jpg picture by nali49

A few lovely asparagus spears were just waiting for us.

IMG_5184.jpg picture by nali49

The apricot tree is in full bloom.

IMG_5187.jpg picture by nali49

And my chives are healthy and ready to be used.

IMG_5188.jpg picture by nali49

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