Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day at the Park

Today was a sunny Saturday. We didn't want to go too far afield, so decided to take the kids to a park a couple of miles from home. Emmaline noticed that her picture did not appear with the backyard pictures as she was at school at the time, so with all 3 kids at the park, it was another photo op I guess. It was an interesting play area for kids with lots of different activities. All of the slides were accessible from a hill at the top rather than having to climb ladders.

emmalineslide.jpg picture by nali49

At first the kids scattered in all directions to try out every possible thing. Fortunately with 4 adults and 3 kids, we were able to mostly keep up with them. Emmaline liked the slides and the tire swing.

tireswing2.jpg picture by nali49

There was a main area and a separate toddler area. Here is Idgie the cowgirl riding a cow. The "grass" was fake and was covering some sort of soft, spongy substance which made it safe in case of falls.

idgiecow2.jpg picture by nali49

Lil enjoyed these spinning bowls which are somehow balanced in such a way that they spin around and around when someone is sitting in them.

lilspinning.jpg picture by nali49

In the end, they all gravitated toward a sandbox area where they spent most of their time. Emmaline built sand castles.

emmalinesand.jpg picture by nali49

idgiesandbox2.jpg picture by nali49

Idgie just had to taste the sand.

idgieeatssand.jpg picture by nali49

lilonturtle.jpg picture by nali49

Lil surveyed the scene from the turtle.

sandbox2.jpg picture by nali49

And they all played happily together. To end the time at the park, we all ate a picnic lunch

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