Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Sugar and Spice

With Spring and warmer temperatures coming, the back yard looks so tempting. Every time anyone goes out the back door, Idgie bursts into tears because she wants to go, too. One day she napped early, so while Emmaline was at school, she and Lil had a chance to play outside at last! It was warm and a pleasant breeze was blowing...the perfect day.

They went on the slide.

idgieandlil2010.jpg picture by nali49

lil32010.jpg picture by nali49

....and climbed!

idgie22010.jpg picture by nali49

and got dirty faces

idgie52010.jpg picture by nali49

played in the dead leaves from last Fall

lil72010.jpg picture by nali49

and in the piles of shavings Grandpa made with his lathe.

idgie82010.jpg picture by nali49

A happy day!

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